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Navigating food label regulations can be challenging for start-up companies. Come to us for all the guidance you need to get your products from recipe to retail — like many food entrepreneurs do. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Case Study


 Start-up Manufacturer Launches Novel Product Concept



The Client

Vitality Distributing has been in business for four years preparing for the 2010 launch of the first of its kind — Avitae Caffeinated Water. Avitae has enjoyed unparalleled consumer acceptance and has carved out a unique space in the fiercely competitive beverage industry. The Avitae brand has grown exponentially through distribution in most major food chains east of the Mississippi and continues to grow month after month. The demand is fueled by sponsorships including bands and athletes who epitomize the Avitae brand.

The Challenge

This young start-up company recognized that their new-to-the-world product would attract a high level of interest and scrutiny, particularly among competitors. For this first-ever combination of natural caffeine and purified water, the most scrutinized part of the product is the label. FDA compliance with food labeling regulations was absolutely essential to the successful launch of the brand. Executive leadership believed strongly that the smartest approach was to outsource functions like food labels and regulatory compliance strategy that are better served by specialists and experts outside the company. They sought a regulatory partner to advise the company about the best regulatory course of action to position Avitae responsibly for growth. This allowed management to focus on building the brand and satisfying customers.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company enabled Vitality Distributing to launch the Avitae brand and has become an integral part of its growth. Food Consulting Company helped management craft a regulatory strategy and labeling that supported that strategy. They helped the company understand the nuances and tradeoffs for achieving brand goals and compliance. Part of the regulatory strategy included creating a pre-emptive white paper to address potential FDA concerns. Food Consulting Company authored this white paper and approved labels before printing — insurance and peace of mind for Vitality Distributing.

The Results

The experts at Food Consulting Company continue to have flawless insight. This enables the company to understand the critical pieces of the regulatory picture and ensures that management is well informed. In fact, the resulting nutrition label does an excellent job of supporting the brand story while complying with FDA food labeling regulations. Consumers appreciate an entire label of zeros. With Food Consulting Company, projects run seamlessly in the background requiring little oversight from management. They are Vitality Distributing’s virtual food label department.

"We couldn’t be without Food Consulting Company. FDA regulatory compliance is critically important for a new category — as important as the engine is to the car. We only had one shot to get it right and they ensured we were well prepared. Avitae Caffeinated Water has been extremely successful and the Food Consulting team played an instrumental role in this success."
— Brian Pitzer, CEO, Vitality Distributing, Inc.


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