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There is much at risk for large companies with well-known brands. Often food labeling strategies span multiple product categories with differing formulas, sizes and configurations. Food Consulting Company understands the regulatory nuances and provides insights for labeling, formulations, package sizes and marketing claims.

Case Study


 Accuracy and Consistency for a Major National Retailer's Private Label Food Vendors



The Retailer and its Vendors

For over 35 years, this major national retailer has successfully combined trendy merchandise at affordable prices. Today, they are one of the top ranked retailers with over 1,000 locations to serve their loyal customers with a range of store formats including grocery. It actively markets multiple private label food brands as part of its quality and value brand promise. Supporting this effort are hundreds of food vendors from around the globe.

The Challenge

The retailer’s private label brands span a wide range of categories including snacks, baked goods, frozen foods, cooking ingredients and gourmet foods, among others. It’s a complicated undertaking to ensure accurate nutrition, ingredient and allergen label information for hundreds of suppliers. Consistency is also a management challenge with so many different vendors and product categories.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company works directly with this retailer’s large pool of vendors in their expansion of food products for their multiple private label businesses. Food Consulting Company’s food labeling and regulatory specialists work side-by-side with the vendors to ensure accurate and compliant nutrition information and formatting for nutrition facts and ingredient/allergen statements.

The Results

With Food Consulting Company, this major national retailer is able to ensure 100% FDA compliant Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Statements despite hundreds of food products from a large number of vendors. This makes an easier job for the retailer’s regulatory team as they have confidence that their Nutrition Facts and Ingredients/Allergens are correct by the time the label artwork gets to the retailer for approval. The food labeling professionals at this major national retailer consider Food Consulting Company to be a wonderful resource. Their experts are engaged in multiple projects simultaneously and stay actively involved to be sure that the retailer’s expectations are met.

"It's great to have food label regulation experts working with us. We can depend on the information we get from Food Consulting Company."
Anna Vansickle, Labeling Specialist, Major National Retailer


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Costco Wholesale
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