100% Regulatory Compliance Guaranteed

To ensure that your food products pass through customs without incident food labels must be compliant with all U.S. regulations. Whether you’re importing from a border country or from around the world, we help you understand what is essential so that your products do not get detained at the border.

Case Study

 "Americanizing" Foreign Packaging

The Client

A marketing/package designer working for a U.S. food importer needed to create labels for foreign foods that complied with FDA regulations so that they could be successfully marketed in the U.S.

The Challenge

The new confectionary products, imported from Europe, required specific nutrition/content labeling. In addition, their small package sizes required modified Nutrition Facts panels. Sorting through the many options for what is acceptable based on package dimensions is not only complicated, but creates risk regarding compliance with U.S. FDA regulations and potentially detention at U.S. Customs.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company provided a team of experts to help us "Americanize" the foreign labels. They performed nutrition analysis, included missing values on the Nutrition Facts for nutrients that European labels do not require, modified the Ingredient Statements, and created the Nutrition Facts artwork according to what is allowable for the specific package dimensions. Importantly, the team reviewed the ingredients to ensure there were no issues with food colors and other additives not allowed in the U.S. To complete the project, the team provided label layout instructions for the package designer and did the final label review prior to printing to ensure 100% compliance.

The Results

This food importer was able to launch their products on time and easily passed through Customs and FDA inspections at the border, setting the products up for success in the retail market. The Food Consulting team was involved at each step, performed their projects on time and with flawless accuracy.

"Entering the fast, confusing retail food market is a dark and scary experience, but rest assured that the experts at Food Consulting Company can help guide you every step of the way. I cannot imagine going to market without the Food Consulting group on your team."
— Daniel R. Hughes, President, OPTIMideas, Marketing Services Firm for International Food Importer


More Client Comments

"I can heartily recommend Food Consulting Company. I have worked with Christine and colleagues over the past 12 years or so and find them to be most helpful."
Dave Hill,
Foodlabelcheck Ltd.
"Thank you for the outstanding job you did. I checked your performance (for a first job) and it’s been really satisfactory. Your professionalism is impressive and I have shared this with the people both in Spain and Mexico. We’re a big company and I’m sure we’re going to have immediate chances to cooperate. I’ll contact you probably next week for new products."
Carlos Ponz,
General Manager,
American Rice
"Thank you for getting back to us so fast. This is the second time we use your services. Your follow-up and customized service perfectly meet our expectations. Thank you."
Mathieu Senard,
Regulatory and Quality Specialist,
Alter Eco Americas
"I can't thank you enough! You are awesome. I look forward to working with you again."
Ruth Wahnon,
R&C International Commerce
"You people do great work! And you are pleasant to work with! Thank You."
Gustavo Garcia,
Project Director,
"You guys truly care. You deliver what you promise, when you promise it. If someone out there is still trying to decide, the search is over."
Kawal Oberoi,
Dishaka Gourmet Imports
"Thanks for the regulatory report. It was very useful and precise."
Inger Olesen, PhD,
Consultant Biochemist,
Danish Technological Institute
"Thanks so much for your help... and for demystifying the regulations! We appreciate the on-time delivery despite the different time zones."
Elizabeth Graham,
Head of Adult Innovation and Accelerate Brands,
Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd.
"The services provided by Food Consulting are essential to my client. I don't know how we would function without you."
Marian Harding Cochran,
Corporate Counsel,
Atico International
"Thanks for making this process really smooth. I so appreciate it, as the labelling is one area that small food companies like mine have a hard time with. But you totally made it manageable. Your reports are the best, clearest and most helpful I have ever had in any territory."
Glen Elliott,
King of Kiwi
"Thank you once again for your great assistance. It was so helpful!"
Iliana Lambreva,
Marketing Manager,
"Thank you very much for your help and your hard work! I really appreciate that. Brueggen was very satisfied with your service, and I am sure we will contact you again."
Sandra Singkofer,
Quality Customer Relations,
H. & J. Brueggen KG
"Many thanks for your feedback! Your comments/instructions were very clear, which enabled us to adapt the artwork with a minimum of puzzling, and we want to thank you for that!"
Peggy Robbrecht,
Sales Assistant,
Chocolaterie ICKX
"I wanted to extend my deep appreciation for your talent and your timeliness on my recent projects. Importing from Turkey, language barriers and everything under the sun that didn’t make sense — you brought clarity to our mission."
Dan Hughes,
Package Designer,
Value Quest Foods
Thank you very much for your kind and rapid responses. I'm grateful you are my consultant.
Peter Choi,
Manager of U.S. Business,
"Thank you for your swift response. We are pleased with the work you have done for us, and will definitely use your company again in the future."
Jonathan Lin,
Auna Kiwi
"Thank you for clearing this up! You certainly provide the fastest and clearest responses we have had in our labelling dealings with the U.S.!"
Paula Durham,
Concept Product Development