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Food Consulting Company is proud to have worked with many large retailers to bring their house brands to market. Developing food labels that are compliant with U.S. regulations is a key part of that process. We are also on hand to address the many ongoing regulatory questions that arise when you sell hundreds of product categories.

Case Study



Simply 7 Nutrition Facts in Record Time


The Client

Dishaka, LLC develops, manufactures, and sells healthy snacks around the world under the Simply7 and private label brands. The company's philosophy is that every ingredient is not only natural but also simple and that simple ingredients can be exceptionally delicious. Each product has: 1) no trans fats or cholesterol, 2) no artificial colors or flavors, 3) no preservatives, 4) gluten-free ingredients, 5) all natural recipes, 6) simple ingredients, and 7) is simply delicious. The snacks, including lentil chips, hummus chips and quinoa chips come in a variety of flavors for health conscious consumers who want both taste and healthy ingredients.

The Challenge

Dishaka was working with a major national grocery chain to develop a line of private label snacks for over six months. When the buyer asked for the Nutrition Facts before he'd approve the order it was crisis time. It was Thursday and the buyer wanted the information by Monday morning. Not only was the turnaround time compressed, ingredient suppliers spanned time zones from Europe to USA, and not all ingredient information was on hand. It seemed almost impossible to get Nutrition Facts labels completed in the requested timeframe.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company to the rescue! A frantic CEO contacted Food Consulting Company who acted quickly to get the job done. They gathered key nutrition information and sorted what was missing, converted from grams to ounces, and provided different names for the same flavors/ingredients. Critical pieces of information that required further research and analysis arrived the following day. Food Consulting Company was able to develop accurate, 100% compliant Nutrition Facts for this line of private label products and sent them to the CEO by Sunday evening.

The Results

This was not a cut and dried project. With a great attitude and attention to detail, Food Consulting Company delivered the project with excellent customer service, on time, as promised – over a weekend. Not only did Dishaka win the business with the nationwide retailer, they continue to work with the same buyer today, over 6 years later. It's a rarity for a product line to last that long as snacks usually come and go every couple of years. Food Consulting Company has become a valued partner. While the CEO oversaw the food labeling projects initially, now Dishaka has staff to handle them. All projects continue to work smoothly.

"Food Consulting Company is exceptionally responsive – you always get a prompt reply. They appreciate that you are a customer and take care of you. They work fast, accurately; tell you clearly what they will do and deliver on time, every time. No hassles. No surprises. Working with them is worry-free."
— Kawal Oberoi, CEO, Dishaka LLC

Major National Retailer Creates Branded Novelty Product


The Client

Galerie Candy & Gifts is a gift novelty company that combines novelty gifts with confectionary products. The company designs unique products, working closely with food and novelty suppliers to produce custom designs and bundles, often for large national chains. Based in Hebron, KY, the company distributes its products across the country.

The Challenge

A very large national retailer collaborated with Galerie to develop a new line of private label confections. The new line featured a number of products that were completely unique to the industry, including kits and gift sets, creating challenges in determining the proper serving size and nutrition information. Food labels were more complicated than most, requiring knowledge of specific FDA regulations and careful attention to detail to ensure 100% regulatory compliance.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company helped navigate the complexities of multiple confection types and sizes to deliver accurate nutrition and ingredient labels in a timely manner. 

Their work demonstrated a thorough understanding of methods to determine Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed (RACC) and how it is translated to nutrition facts panels. Food Consulting Company instilled confidence through their knowledge of these and other regulations and superior service. Despite multiple products, sizes and formulas, label development was systematic and well organized, delighting the company's labeling department.

The Results

Thanks to Food Consulting Company, the major national chain was very pleased with the food labels for their new line of Galerie products. In fact, the national chain requested that Galerie use Food Consulting Company for their future seasonal private label projects and made Food Consulting Company one of the chain's recommended sources for label compliance support.

Receiving high marks by the customer's regulatory group not only helped Galerie strengthen relationships with this large customer but also set the foundation for ongoing collaboration. Working with Food Consulting Company has enabled Galerie to compete successfully for incremental business with this and other major customers, growing the company’s seasonal and year round sales. 

Working side-by-side with Food Consulting Company has been a rewarding experience for Galerie employees as well. A new employee in label compliance has grown as a label specialist after learning from Food Consulting Company on several projects.

"Food Consulting Company's support allowed us to meet our delivery commitments to a major national customer, increase sales, and keep everybody happy! I appreciate the professionalism and knowledge they have extended to Galerie over the years that we have done business. Thank you!”
— F. Stu Battles, Label Compliance Manager, Galerie


More Client Comments

"We would like to thank you for all your efforts and hard work with getting our labels to us in such a short time. You were such a great help and so easy to work with. You went above and beyond the call of duty in order to get us what we required. Again thanks so much."
Gary Suhr,
Gary's Super Foods
"It's great to have food label regulation experts working with us. We can depend on the information we get from Food Consulting Company."
Anna Vansickle,
Labeling Specialist,
"You are my rockstar for today! The collaborative piece you developed with Silliker is fantastic. It's a well written, user-friendly resource with concise wording and easy flow. Bravo to you and your team."
Hanna Strowman, MM, RD, LDN,
Director of Nutrition,
Trader Joe's
"Thank you for your support of our business through the years."
Andy McSunas,
Director, Consumer Brands Product Development,
"Thank you for the helpful feedback you provided to us about our regulatory label review process, with your usual attention to delivering quality work. Food Consulting Company brought some very important things to light that will serve us well."
Shannon Fitzgerald,
Corporate Quality Assurance Manager,