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From food manufacturers/distributors to importers/brokers to restaurateurs, Food Consulting Company can deliver nutritional analysis, food labeling and regulatory compliance. We’re pleased to work with start-ups to multinationals. Read case studies and client comments to learn about how we can help food labelers manage the nuances of food label regulations.

"As a new entrepreneur in the world of food marketing, I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, insightful knowledge, and friendly manner in helping me to understand compliance issues and for getting my label ready for market. You made everything seem so easy ... "
— Vivian Poutakoglou, President, Vivian's Original Sauce, LLC

CASE STUDY:  Start-up Company Launches Novel Beverage Concept
Navigating food labels and Nutrition Facts for a new-to-the-world beverage brand in a highly competitive industry is no easy task, especially for a young, start-up company. With an outsourced regulatory strategy, they were able to keep laser focus on core competencies: building, marketing and selling their new brand.


"The services provided by Food Consulting are essential to my client. I don't know how we would function without you."
— Marian Harding Cochran, Corporate Counsel, Atico International USA, Inc.

CASE STUDY:  Accuracy and Consistency for Major National Retailer’s Private Label Food Vendors
Managing a large, private label brand that spans many categories has its challenges. Ensuring that nutritional information and food labels are consistent, accurate and compliant across hundreds of suppliers and products is essential. Read about how a major national retailer ensured regulatory compliance with food labels and packaging from a large number of product suppliers.


"Thank you for your help with this whole process! You have made it very easy!"
— John and Lisa Waselus, Co-Owners, Lisa's Cake Pops

CASE STUDY: Certified Organic Bakery Sprouts Savings
Marketing of food products with a unique ingredient poses significant challenges, as getting accurate nutrition information can be a costly and labor intensive process. Find out how a leading supplier of certified organic products streamlined their operation, which not only saved time and money, but also improved their customer service.


"You are my rockstar for today! The collaborative piece you developed with Silliker is fantastic. It's a well written, user-friendly resource with concise wording and easy flow. Bravo to you and your team."
— Hanna Strowman, MM, RD, LDN, Director of Nutrition, Trader Joe's

CASE STUDY:  Major National Retailer Creates Branded Novelty Product
For a novelty candy and gifts manufacturer, Food Consulting Company provided nutrition facts and label support for a complicated new line of products that were completely unique to the industry. Learn how creating both accurate and compliant labels enabled the manufacturer to meet delivery commitments for a major national retailer.


Food Labels Nutrition Facts Analysis for Food Ingredient Suppliers

Ingredient Suppliers

Nutritional analysis, ingredient statements and allergen compliance.

"Thank you, thank you - I value getting this information. It is so informative!"
— Judy Grandcolas, Regulatory Manager, Pizza Blends, Inc.

CASE STUDY:  More Spice for FDA Compliant Labels
Launching a line extension is not always as straightforward as it may seem when it comes to label regulations. This organic spice packaged fresh herbs and dried spices together in a kit and required a multi-serving pack. Special package claims further complicated their labels. Learn how they ensured compliant labels for sell-in and avoided FDA issues.


"You guys truly care. You deliver what you promise, when you promise it. If someone out there is still trying to decide, the search is over."
— Kawal Oberoi, President, Dishaka Gourmet Imports

CASE STUDY:  "Americanizing" Foreign Packaging
A marketing/package designer working for a U.S. food importer needed to create labels for foreign foods that complied with FDA regulations. The goal was to ensure the products easily passed through U.S. Customs and FDA Inspections at the border so they could be successfully marketed in the U.S. Understanding the nuances between foreign and U.S. regulations is not trivial. Learn about the challenges this food importer faced and their approach to ensure 100% compliance.

"Everything was perfect, and your group is a dream to work with."
— Joe Petrella, Executive Chef, Famiglia-DeBartolo Famous Famiglia Pizza

CASE STUDY:  Ever-changing Menus Stay Current & Compliant
An established chain of casual bakery cafes with 60 locations across the country needed to ensure that their menus and product packaging were compliant with new FDA food label regulations for restaurants and food service. The goal was to ensure that frequently changing menus and new products were 100% compliant, despite unique state-by-state regulations that required special considerations. Learn how this chain of food service cafes stayed abreast of their ever-changing menus making a complicated process easy.


"You are always terrific and a great benefit to us with your knowledge, feedback, expertise, and kindness ... can we hire you?"
— Scott Hadsall, Sr. Product Consultant, ESHA Research

CASE STUDY:  ESHA Research Partners with Food Consulting Company for Expert Training on GENESIS R&D Software
A long-term collaboration between ESHA and Food Consulting Company began in 1998 when ESHA required expertise to lead Genesis R&D trainings. The partnership enabled ESHA to feature respected trainers who were not only skilled in all aspects of the Genesis R&D software, but also capable of customizing the trainings and addressing regulatory-related questions.


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