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Food Label News has been published on the first Friday of each month since November 2000. Read all about it.

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Dec 2012 California Says NO to GMO Labeling
Nutrition Analysis Series - Part 2 of 10
Reader Q&A: Multiple "Contains" Statements

Nov 2012 5 Must-Haves for FDA Food Labels
Nutrition Analysis: First in a 10-part Series
Reader Q&A: Is Vitamin E Required?

Oct 2012 EU Labeling: What’s New & What To Do
Regulatory Guide for Label Claims
Reader Q&A: Country of Origin Labeling

Sep 2012 Prop 37: Food Label Fight in California
Due Diligence with Database Nutrition Analysis
Reader Q&A: Disclosing Sugar Alcohols

Aug 2012 Gluten-free on Food Labels in Canada
Client Highlights: Food Labels and Regulatory
Reader Q&A: Gift pack food labels

Jul 2012 Conventional Food vs. Dietary Supplements: It's a Fine Line
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 10 of 10
Reader Q&A: Meal Replacements

Jun 2012 Back-to-school on School Nutrition
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 9 of 10
Reader Q&A: Declaring Flavors

May 2012 The Role of Food Labels for Food Safety
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 8 of 10
Reader Q&A: Are Restated Nutrition Facts Nutrient Content Claims?

Apr 2012 It's Tricky: Canadian label for "Made in USA"
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 7 of 10
Reader Q&A: Preservatives as "natural"?

Mar 2012 Cross the border with bilingual labels? Mexico: Yes - Canada: No
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 6 of 10
Reader Q&A: Uneven-sized pieces

Feb 2012 Modernizing USDA's Food Label Approval: The Meat of the Matter
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 5 of 10
Reader Q&A: Using 4-4-9 for Calorie Calcs

Jan 2012 Year's Most Popular Reader Q&A's
Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 4 of 10
Reader Q&A: "Natural-identical flavor" in USA

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