Kudos from Our Clients

Desserts On Us, Inc is beyond pleased with the nutrition analysis provided by Food Consulting Company. They are extremely responsive with answering any questions we might have and not only finish the work on time but usually finish the work earlier than expected.

Katee Robertson,
SQF Practitioner,
Desserts On Us, Inc

Thank you. The Label Compliance Review is so thorough - definitely glad we did this! FDA Regulations are tricky, and now we can go to market with peace of mind. Not to mention the team is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Brandon Krumins,

I love your newsletter!

Linn Steward,
Gourmet Metrics LLC

As a manufacturer, there is nothing better than the knowledge that the labels on your products are 100% accurate. There is no way one could keep up with all the ever changing federal label regulations. Thank you for the peace-of-mind, Food Consulting Company! We couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Dolores Parker,
National Sales Coordinator,
Olson Baking Company

It has been great working with the team at the Food Consulting Company. They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of U.S. labelling regulations and are exceptionally professional to work with. We are confident to refer our clients to the Food Consulting Company for U.S. labels, with the knowledge that their labels will become compliant for the U.S. market.

Clare Wood,
Food Labelling Services UK

I was very happy with your speed and quality of work. I will be coming back to you for more labeling services.

Shohei Takahashi,
Ajishoku Foods

Working with Food Consulting Company was very easy. They are highly responsive and always available to answer questions. And I benefitted from our custom training as much as my client did.

Mary Jo Feeney, MS, RD, FADA,
specializing in nutrition communications, marketing and coordination of research activities for agricultural commodity boards

"We're incredibly grateful we had Food Consulting Company as a partner for our onboarding and training. They make the process approachable and compliance easy. When we need guidance – they are there. It's like having an expert safety net always on your side."

Janet Tatarka,
Director of Bakery Logistics and Training,
Great Harvest Bakery and Cafe

"Thank you so much - you've been super helpful. I look forward to working with you again!"

Samantha Dickinson,
Corragio Consulting

"It's so easy to get labels redone. Food Consulting Company remembers me and my products so it's quick and easy to get the job done. They work very efficiently, without needing to go back and forth to clarify issues. The team is very clear about what their customers want and execute it quickly without any errors."

Janice Wong,
Corporate Manager,
Kee Wah Bakery

This group is fantastically smart, knowledgeable and helpful. Reading and following all of the time. Great job and so helpful!

Joyce Rhubart,
Butterball, Inc.

Your Food Label Community on LinkedIn is a fantastic resource, and I'm certain everyone in the community is very grateful to Food Consulting Company for hosting it. Thanks so much!

Brian Kroening,
Senior Regulatory Manager,

Thank you very much for your kind and rapid responses. I'm grateful you are my consultant.

Peter Choi,
Manager of U.S. Business,

"Thank you for being an integral part of the IDDBA show this year. We're learning a lot with our new launch of Expert Neighborhood. I know your meetings inspired, enlightened and encouraged people to take some decisive action."

Mary Kay O'Connor,
VP Special Projects,
International Dairy Deli Bakery Association

Food Consulting Company is VERY knowledgeable in this area. It's so great having Karen to use as a reference with the new Nutrition Facts transition.

Food Label Conference Attendee,
FDA Labeling Q&A,
Prime Label Consultants

"Many thanks for your feedback! Your comments/instructions were very clear, which enabled us to adapt the artwork with a minimum of puzzling, and we want to thank you for that!"

Peggy Robbrecht,
Sales Assistant,
Chocolaterie ICKX

"Thank you very much for your help and your hard work! I really appreciate that. Brueggen was very satisfied with your service, and I am sure we will contact you again."

Sandra Singkofer,
Quality Customer Relations,
H. & J. Brueggen KG

"I find your monthly newsletter, Food Label News, very helpful. Thanks for having such a great resource available."

Rob Bradley,
Quality/Product Development/Technical Systems,
Family Fresh Pack

"The Retained Regulatory Support provided by Food Consulting Company is way beyond what we hoped for. Their responses and solutions are clear, detailed and complete. They have always been accessible to every question I may have. In addition, I see many within their group leading industry-wide conversations about labeling regulations — this is a huge contribution to educating industry at large. Thank you for your great work."

Jeff Taylor,
Regulatory Compliance Senior Scientist,
Bush Brothers & Company

"Thank you for the helpful feedback you provided to us about our regulatory label review process, with your usual attention to delivering quality work. Food Consulting Company brought some very important things to light that will serve us well."

Shannon Fitzgerald,
Corporate Quality Assurance Manager,

"Thank you for your support of our business through the years."

Andy McSunas,
Director, Consumer Brands Product Development,

"Thank you once again for your great assistance. It was so helpful!"

Iliana Lambreva,
Marketing Manager,

"Love your newsletter! I really appreciated all the regulatory roundup links in this particular issue (February 2017). Keep up the good work!"

Richard Young,
Labeling & Regulatory Specialist,
JTM Food Group

"You are an excellent trainer! Thank you for coming."

Scott Deitrich,
Software Support,
H.J. Heinz

"Thank you for sharing your Genesis expertise with our group. Your insights on our process are very valuable to us."

Mary Sweeney-Wheeler,
Nutritionist/Food Technologist,
ConAgra Foods

"Thank you for your help with this whole process! You have made it very easy!"

 John and Lisa Waselus,
Lisa's Cake Pops

"Thanks for making this process really smooth. I so appreciate it, as the labelling is one area that small food companies like mine have a hard time with. But you totally made it manageable. Your reports are the best, clearest and most helpful I have ever had in any territory."

Glen Elliott,
King of Kiwi

"I wanted to extend my deep appreciation for your talent and your timeliness on my recent projects. Importing from Turkey, language barriers and everything under the sun that didn’t make sense — you brought clarity to our mission."

Dan Hughes,
Package Designer,
Value Quest Foods

"On-time, accurate, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. Everything that a successful business has to be!"

Katalin Coburn,
Vice President,
Peanut Better, Inc.

"I would (and have) wholeheartedly recommend these folks to any company seeking accurate nutritional information or labeling advice. They have always been open and honest when discussing product development issues and new product launches.  We are very satisfied with their abilities and the expertise and the attention they give to our many projects."

Michael Girkout,
Alvarado Street Bakery

"You came through with flying colors delivering my work a few days earlier than what was expected! I am very pleased and look forward to launching new products with you in the very near future. Thank you!"

Jeffray Gardner,
President & CEO,
Marsatta Fancy Chocolates

"I read every newsletter that you provide, and I always find several things that apply to my small business. Thank you."

Louise Christofor,
Carriage House Creations

"The services provided by Food Consulting are essential to my client. I don't know how we would function without you."

Marian Harding Cochran,
Corporate Counsel,
Atico International

"Food Consulting Company has always gone the extra mile to help us provide our customers with accurate, understandable information. I really have enjoyed working with them, and have recommended FoodLabels.com to many others."

Dan Holtz,
Vice President & Co-Founder,
Liz Lovely

"Just a quick email to let you know that this newsletter is absolutely fantastic! It saves me so much time, it's wonderful. 'Guten Tag!' from Germany."

Diana Michiulis,
Sr. Scientist Regulatory Affairs,
Kraft Foods R&D Munich

"Thanks for the prompt and expert execution of my latest request. Really appreciate your fine services."

Frank Urban,
Bay Beyond

"As a Brand Holder of a beverage product we rely exclusively on our suppliers, from ingredients to labels, from production to testing. Food Consulting Company has consistently provided us with reliable, usable label and regulatory information, quickly, and always with the patience we look for in a quality service provider. Every month this service is supported with valuable information in the Food Label News email that allows us to plan ahead. Thanks to all the staff at Food Consulting."

Phil Brooks,
Director of Technical Services,
Jones Soda

"Thank you for getting back to us so fast. This is the second time we use your services. Your follow-up and customized service perfectly meet our expectations. Thank you."

Mathieu Senard,
Regulatory and Quality Specialist,
Alter Eco Americas

"Thank you for the thorough analysis and quick turn around of our labels. All points have been implemented and we are already moving forward to final artwork. Your team is easy to do business with…."

Jay Highman,
Nature's One

"As a new entrepreneur in the world of food marketing, I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, insightful knowledge and friendly manner in helping me to understand compliance issues and for getting my label ready for market. You made everything seem so easy, and your turn-around time was incredibly swift! You are a pleasure to work with and always supportive. I look forward to working with you on my next two mustards."

Vivian Poutakoglou,
Vivi's Original Sauce

"Thank you for clearing this up! You certainly provide the fastest and clearest responses we have had in our labelling dealings with the U.S.!"

Paula Durham,
Concept Product Development

"I received the labels, thank you very much for your services in helping us sort out our laboratory data and creating the bilingual Nutrition Facts panels we needed. I’m appreciating your help. We are very satisfied with your company."

Arlene Domínguez,
Quality Specialist,
Industria Lechera of Puerto Rico Indulac

"I would like to thank you for your prompt and detailed response of the projects that my company sent to you. We will definitely be utilizing the broad array of services that you provide in the near and distant future. Thanks for everything that you've done."

Jeremy Hibbs,
Quality Control Specialist,
Byesville Aseptics LLC

"Thank you for your swift response. We are pleased with the work you have done for us, and will definitely use your company again in the future."

Jonathan Lin,
Auna Kiwi

"Thanks Food Consulting Company. This (final label review) is really helpful and exactly what I hoped for."


Amy Ramm,

"First of all, I want to say how much I enjoy the monthly issues of Food Label News. I look forward to each edition. Personally and professionally, I find the newsletter to be quite timely and informative as to what's happening in the world of food regulations."

Mike Davis,
Quality Manager,
Bakery Chef

"You guys truly care. You deliver what you promise, when you promise it. If someone out there is still trying to decide, the search is over."

Kawal Oberoi,
Dishaka Gourmet Imports

"We would like to thank you for all your efforts and hard work with getting our labels to us in such a short time. You were such a great help and so easy to work with. You went above and beyond the call of duty in order to get us what we required. Again thanks so much."

Gary Suhr,
Gary's Super Foods

"I want to thank you for the monthly newsletter. It is rare that I don't find information that I need to know. Your newsletter has become an essential part of my continuing education in the world of regulatory compliance."

Penny Hennessy,
Manager, QA & Regulatory Affairs,
Rich SeaPak

"I feel very secure knowing you are on my team."

Jeffrey Leibfreid,

"The labels have been SENT TO PRINT!! YIPPIE!! You are very good at what you do and you have taken nearly all the stress off of Debbie and me and we thank you for that."

Heather Maestas,
Franchise Coordinator,
Nothing Bundt Cakes

"I couldn't do my job without your newsletter. It's invaluable."

Kimberly Lord Stewart,
"Eating Between the Lines, a field guide to supermarket food labeling"

"You did an excellent job on our Nutritional Information Guide, thank you!"

Sharill Hanns,
Quality Manager,

"Thank you for the outstanding job you did. I checked your performance (for a first job) and it’s been really satisfactory. Your professionalism is impressive and I have shared this with the people both in Spain and Mexico. We’re a big company and I’m sure we’re going to have immediate chances to cooperate. I’ll contact you probably next week for new products."

Carlos Ponz,
General Manager,
American Rice

"Just a note to say this month's issue (of Food Label News) is fabulous. The information about trans fat and sodium is in language that I can share and be sure that R&D and Marketing will understand what is going on."

Penny Hennessy,
Manager, QA & Regulatory Affairs,
Rich SeaPak

"I think a lot of Food Label News. My boss was RAVING about it as well. You cover items and issues that are overlooked in the trade magazines."

Steve Wilk,
Food Safety Specialist,
Costco Wholesale

"Thanks for making the label development process so easy. Your input made us confident in putting our product to market and gave us a huge credibility boost with our partners and investors. Your work is thorough, clear and efficient!"

Brian M. Pitzer,
Vitality Distributing

"Thank you for helping us understand what our group has struggled with for so long. You made it seem so simple."

Becky Kingery,
Quality Coordinator,
Endangered Species Chocolate

"Thank you very much. The label review was extremely clear and helpful. Your added value and quick turnaround are highly appreciated."

Gilles A. Deloux,

"Thank you, you are awesome!!!"

Claudia Vasquez,
Culinary Coordinator,
La Madeleine de Corps

"You people do great work! And you are pleasant to work with! Thank You."

Gustavo Garcia,
Project Director,

"I recently discovered your cutting edge newsletter and find it to be an excellent source of food labeling information."

Jingying Yang,
Yale University

"Thanks so much, you are always a pleasure to work with."

Gary Abramowitz,
Fresh Tofu Inc.

"I have received your newsletter for several years and I have always found it very interesting and helpful in the work that I do. Thank you for doing it."

Janet Lilleberg,
University of Minnesota

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I am quite proud of what we created and will be sure to let our team know that you provide great services should we need future guidance or project work."

Tara DelloIacono,
Nutrition Strategist / Dietitian,
Clif Bar & Company

"Your company is a pleasure to do business with. The method of communication for initiating and working through projects is very streamlined and professional."

Russell Nabors,
Labeling and Specifications Manager,
Lopez Foods, Inc.

"Everything was perfect, and your group is a dream to work with."

Joe Petrella,
General Manager,
Famiglia-DeBartolo Famous Famiglia Pizza

"You are my rockstar for today! The collaborative piece you developed with Silliker is fantastic. It's a well written, user-friendly resource with concise wording and easy flow. Bravo to you and your team."

Hanna Strowman, MM, RD, LDN,
Director of Nutrition,
Trader Joe's

"You have found a niche and fulfill a need in the food industry. We have utmost confidence in your expertise and refer our clients who require nutrition labeling or advice on package labeling regulations that are unclear."

Patricia P. Groves,
Groves & Company

"I love the information in Food Label News — I pass it on to my clients."

Camille Hendsbee, RD, LDN,
Medical Nutrition Therapist,
Megna Nutrition Associates

"Just a note to say thank you for all your help and support. We're now headed to a feature spot on QVC's Food Fest and four days of sampling, selling and fun at Costco. Getting our labels right was critical to our mission."

Shawn & Ashley Mendel,
Funley's Delicious

"Too many thanks!!! We're so happy we got this back so quickly. When you do the work, we know it's done right! All the best."

Luda Sery,
QA Manager,
Joe Corbi's Wholesale Pizza, Inc

"You are always terrific and a great benefit to us with your knowledge, feedback, expertise and kindness... can we hire you?"

Scott Hadsall,
Sr. Product Consultant,
ESHA Research

"Thank you, thank you — I value getting this information. It is so informative!"

Judy Grandcolas,
Regulatory Manager,
Pizza Blends, Inc.

"This is fantastic! Thank you for getting the analyses done so quickly, especially with the holidays intervening."

Phyllis Pellman Good,
Executive Editor,
Good Books

"Sundia has used the services of the Food Consulting Company on many varied occasions and I have found their work to be thorough, on-time, reasonable and meets expectations."

Dan Hoskins,
Chief Operating Officer,
Sundia Corporation

"Thanks again for your thoughtful responses and attention to detail throughout the process. It's been a pleasure to work with you!"

Michelle Green,
Senior Account Supervisor,

"Just wanted to let you know Meals to Live has gone from concept to product to store shelves. The diabetes-friendly product line has many gluten free items that are lower in sodium yet taste great! Meals to Live products are in over 2000 stores now (and growing) after launching in Publix (Florida). Thanks again for your extremely helpful insights into our labeling challenges!!!"

Jennifer Neily, MS, RD, CSSD, LD,
Meals to Live

"Your input was insightful, realistic and incredibly valuable. Thank you!"

Amanda Berhaupt-Glickstein, MS, RD,
Doctoral Student,
Rutgers University

"We LOVE your newsletter. You do a great job of compiling and explaining relevant industry information."

Meredith Williams,
New Product Development Manager,
Clabber Girl Corporation

"Thanks so much for your help... and for demystifying the regulations! We appreciate the on-time delivery despite the different time zones."

Elizabeth Graham,
Head of Adult Innovation and Accelerate Brands,
Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd.

"Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The information in the Label Layout Instructions memo is extremely valuable to me and the updated nutrition information looks great. Thank you again!"

Ruth Wahnon,
R&C International Commerce

"Many thanks for your expeditious response. Please pass on my good wishes to the rest of your team — you are doing a great service to our industry!"

Magdalena Reiter,
Butterfly Limited, Inc.

"Thank you so much for your help, thoroughness and for taking the extra step. We appreciate your professionalism and are happy with your work."

Ed Hsu,
Quality Specialist,
JSL Foods

"Thank you for directing me to your newsletter, Food Label News. I found the answer to my question and only wished I had looked there a couple of weeks ago. Very helpful!"

Mark Wilcox,
Whole Grain Corporation

"I really appreciated the candor of the discussions in the workshop you led. Since then I have witnessed through your company's newsletter (Food Label News) and the discussions through LinkedIn's Food Label Community that Food Consulting Company provides reliable, practical guidance to the industry."  

Cherie Newman,
Regulatory Technical Manager,
Wild Flavors

"We got it right the first time because of your excellent instructions and other resources. Thank you!"

Steve Lombardi,
Export Manager,
Pik-Nik Foods, USA

"I so wish I had the wealth of information from LinkedIn's Food Label Community five years ago as I began on this unexpected journey into the food labeling regulatory world. Just knowing what a CFR was and how to use it is key and no one really teaches that basic knowledge. I am grateful that I have this group of food labeling specialists to help me find my way!"

Jonette Schue,
Packaging Development Specialist,
Faribault Foods, Inc.

"Great job, as always! As you know, we have worked with you since your earliest days... 18 years and counting. Great folks, excellent service, and we know we can count on you for accuracy!"

M. Peter Thomson,
New England Country Foods LLC

"Your newsletter is very informative, and you do those in the profession a very good deed by hosting the Food Label Community."   

Richard Perlmutter,
Abington Nutrition Services LLC

"Entering the fast, confusing retail food market is a dark and scary experience, but rest assured that the experts at Food Consulting Company can help guide you every step of the way. I cannot imagine going to market without the Food Consulting group on your team."

Daniel R. Hughes,

"We couldn’t be without Food Consulting Company. FDA regulatory compliance is critically important for a new category — as important as the engine is to the car. We only had one shot to get it right and they ensured we were well prepared. Avitae Caffeinated Water has been extremely successful and the Food Consulting team played an instrumental role in this success."


Brian Pitzer,
Vitality Distributing, Inc.

"I really appreciate all your time with this round of work. Now I can go on vacation at ease, knowing we have the calorie counts we need!"

Claudia Vasquez,
Culinary Coordinator,
La Madeleine

"Thank you for the excellent service!"

Jan Matsano,
Mindful Food Consulting

"This report (for one-time regulatory support) is great and comes in very handy... we will definitely be back for future questions on other products."

Elva Charles,
VP Government Contracts,
Sterling Foods, LLC

"Thank you for an amazing service."

Kaly White,
Puppy Style Dog Treats

"I can heartily recommend Food Consulting Company. I have worked with Christine and colleagues over the past 12 years or so and find them to be most helpful."

Dave Hill,
Foodlabelcheck Ltd.

"Thank you so much for your work, it really helped ease my mind."

Paul Fishman,
Chief Marketing Guru,
Ground 2 Table

"I am learning so much from the food labeling group on LinkedIn, led by your staff. Thank you!"

Carol Long,
Legal Assistant,

"I can't thank you enough! You are awesome. I look forward to working with you again."

Ruth Wahnon,
R&C International Commerce

"Thank you for the most professional work I have ever received. I will be back soon with more products.

Risto Pelivanov,

"Thanks for the regulatory report. It was very useful and precise."

Inger Olesen, PhD,
Consultant Biochemist,
Danish Technological Institute

"I sold my business and retired in April of this year. I know I wasn't your largest customer, but you always treated me and my business with importance and respect. I am thankful for you and your service over the years and am most appreciative for all your help and friendship. Thank you again for everything!"

Ted Stebbins,
Ted Stebbins Distributing Company

"It's great to have food label regulation experts working with us. We can depend on the information we get from Food Consulting Company."

Anna Vansickle,
Labeling Specialist,

"Because of you I could sleep at night knowing my work was being done right. Your team shows a high degree of expertise and is savvy in regards to business and customer service. I know I chose best when I chose Food Consulting Company to do my label work. Again I thank you for the incredible job!"

David Funaro,
Director of Operations,
FoodNerds LLC

"I love your newsletter. The topics you cover reach to every regulatory issue we in the food industry face in regards to food labeling. It is concise and uses everyday language to relate timely information that is backed by links to primary sources and related details. For me it is a must-read. Keep up the good work."

Lucia Oen,
Commercialization Manager,
Dunkin Brands, Inc./Baskin-Robbins