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Food Label News has been published on the first Friday of each month since November 2000. Read all about it.

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Sep 2016

Nutrient News: Changes to Serving Sizes - Part 4, Nutrition Label Series
Reader Favorites: Common Mistakes Food Labelers Make
Reader Q&A: When to use "Contains 2% or Less"

Aug 2016 Nutrient News: What's In, Out and Changed - Part 3, Nutrition Label Series
Reader Favorites: Beware - Warning Letters Cost More Than You May Think
Reader Q&A: Defining Whole Grain
Jul 2016 A Closer Look at Graphic Changes: Part 2, New Nutrition Label Series
Reader Favorites: The Magnitude of Change for Food Labels: 8.8 on the Richter Scale
Reader Q&A: Net contents in Canada
Jun 2016 New Nutrition Label Regulations: Part 1 of 5 Part Series
Reader Favorites: FDA Product & Ingredient Labeling - Quick Reference
Reader Q&A: Restaurant Menu Labeling Postponed?
May 2016 Ins & Outs of Ingredient Labeling: An Overview
Reader Favorites: And/or Ingredient Labeling
Reader Q&A: Is a U.S. Address Required on Food Labels?
Apr 2016 GMO Labeling Limbo
Reader Favorites: California says NO to GMO labeling in 2012
Reader Q&A: Organics Free of GMOs?
Mar 2016 Dietary Guidelines: An Important Foundation for Final Food Label Rules
Reader Favorites: The Magnitude of Change for Food Labels: 8.8 on the Richter Scale
Reader Q&A: Use of the Term "Fresh"
Feb 2016 Infinity Product Innovation A Case Study
Reader Favorites: Examples of Nutrition Facts Panels - Part 1 of 10
Reader Q&A: "About" in the Serving Size
Jan 2016 2015's Most Popular Reader Q&As
Reader Favorites: Most Popular Q&As of 2014
Reader Q&A: "Hand-Crafted" for an FDA Product

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