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January 2018 - Volume 18, Number 1

Happy New Year!

As always, we kick off the new year with your favorite questions and answers from 2017. Think of it as the greatest hits of Food Label News Q+A. Please let us know what interests you so that we can continue to bring relevant, informative content that means something to food labelers.

In this issue:

Best wishes for a joyful holiday season and 2018,

Karen C. Duester, President, Food Consulting Company

Karen C. Duester, President, Food Consulting Company

2017’s Most Popular Q+As

Congratulations to the following subscribers for submitting the top 3 questions that ranked the highest among our readers! And the 2017 winners, including links to the answers, are:

  • R.Y., Ohio - September Food Label News
    We use a caramel color in our cookies that contains furfuryl alcohol. I understand that it was put on the Prop 65 list and has no "safe harbor," even though we have always used it. How do we handle this?
  • M.D., India - June Food Label News
    What are rounding rules for actual quantities and % Daily Values for all mandatory nutrients declared in the Nutrition Facts label, per the new 2016 regulations?
  • B.C., Texas - February Food Label News
    I want to use the new Nutrition Facts format now but cannot get all the required values from my ingredient suppliers. Do ingredient suppliers have the same compliance dates for new label regulations? In the interim, can I note on the label that Potassium and Vitamin D are unavailable?

Bullseye: Food Label News will continue to respond to one question per month as space permits. You are always welcome to send us your question for an upcoming issue.

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What’s News in the Food Label Community

  • Food labeling facility registration number (9+ comments)
  • Zero trans fat claim (9+ comments)
  • Declaring processing aids that add potassium (8+ comments)
  • Differing RACCs dual column nutrition labeling (8+ comments)
  • Is lab testing required to substantiate claims? (7+ comments)

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Answers to Your Important Questions

Q. Where can I find a reference for bolding allergens in the ingredient statement?
— P.V., Food Safety Consultant, Massachusetts

A. Neither the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 nor FDA’s Food Labeling Guide address the use of boldface type for allergen labeling within the ingredient statement. Our guidance is to use the same type size and style for every word in the ingredient statement and call out the allergens in a separate "Contains" statement following the ingredient statement. MORE

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