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November 2017 - Volume 17, Number 11


As we begin our 25th year of serving food labelers around the world we know that ingredient labeling is one of the most complicated and often misunderstood elements of developing the food label. We conclude our series on important aspects of ingredient labeling with quick references to summarize what you need to know. To stay abreast of the most pressing topics in food labeling, please join the rich dialogue happening now in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn.

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Karen C. Duester, President, Food Consulting Company

Karen C. Duester, President, Food Consulting Company

Managing the Complexity of Ingredient Labeling: Quick References

For much of this year, Food Label News has focused on the ins and outs of ingredient labeling. From collective naming to flavors and colors to incidental additives, each month overviewed a different topic our readers have found complicated to manage. To help food labelers handle the many intricacies of ingredient labeling, we offer quick references this month to summarize what you need to know.

Bullseye: We hope that the quick references will be a springboard to help you handle your ingredient labeling challenges. If you still have questions after reviewing them, please call on us to help. Either Full Label Compliance or Regulatory Support will provide you personalized service to ensure 100% compliant food labels.

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Answers to Your Important Questions

Q. Can you label a canned vegetable "Buttered - Insert Name of Vegetable" even though it does not contain butter, or artificial or natural butter flavor? We would like to use "buttered" because of the mouth feel.
— T. C., Manufacturer, South Carolina

A.  No, it is not acceptable to name a canned vegetable as "buttered" if it does not contain butter. It is essential that all product naming be truthful and not misleading. MORE

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