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Nutrient Analysis and Labeling Need Not Delay Food Products to Market

Del Mar, CA – May 15, 2000 – In less than ten business days a new or modified food formulation can be translated into camera-ready Nutrition Facts that meet FDA and USDA regulations for product labeling. The service is offered by The Food Consulting Company. A 48-hour rush service is also available. These shortened times for Nutrition Facts development compare to a month or more common in the food industry.

"The speedy process is partly because of the calculated data method of nutrient analysis which is calculation by specialized software,” said Karen Duester, nutritionist with the Food Consulting Company. “The method draws on a database of over 15,000 ingredients whose nutrient profiles were determined by laboratory analysis. The calculated method eliminates the time needed for sample collection, transport to lab and the lab process.” Duester says that FDA and USDA actually encourage the method as a low cost alternative to laboratory work.

Speed and efficiency also come from in-house expertise regarding federal food labeling regulations. “The federal food label law is very specific about “what” goes on labels and on how it is exhibited,” said Duester. “Reporting product nutrition information for label display is our business so we stay on top of the regulations."

The Food Consulting Company, based in Del Mar, California, offers a full range of food labeling services including ingredient statements, health claims, package design planning, shelf life evaluations, and final label review.