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Food Label News has been published on the first Friday of each month since November 2000. Read all about it.

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Dec 2008

Reader Q&A: USDA or FDA?
FDA to Communicate Food Labels Project Updates
Coming! Front-of-Pack Food Labels Symbol
Readers Compliment Links in Food Label News
At Your Service: Reformulation Guidance

Nov 2008

Reader Q&A: Uniform Compliance Date
GAO Report: No Assurance Food Labels Comply
GAO Report: Stakeholder Suggestions for Food Labels
GAO Report: FDA on Stakeholder Suggestions
At Your Service: Food Labels News is Free Help

Oct 2008

Reader Q&A: Labeling Fish as Organic
FDA Proposes Rule Regarding Food Importers
Comments to FDA Regarding Salt/Sodium
COOL - Mandatory Date Arrives
At Your Service: Regulatory Support

Sep 2008

Reader Q&A: U.S. & HFCS
FDA Studies Food Labels Allergen Advisory Use
"Organic" on Food Labels Limited to Foods Certified
Pressure On for Labeling Restaurant Foods
At Your Service: Reader Q&A Page

Aug 2008

Reader Q&A: Canada & HFCS
Guidance - Antioxidant, High Potency, White Chocolate
CFSAN Lists Center's Food Labels Research Projects
Watch Group Forces Change to Whole Grain Claim
At Your Service:
Label Compliance Reviews

July 2008

Reader Q&A: Getting Ingredient Data
Survey Results - Top Delays in Food Labels Work
Update on Sodium and Food Labeling
FDA Warns Companies to Stop Using Certain Claims
At Your Service:
Our Due Diligence Process

June 2008

Reader Q&A: St John's Wort in Beverages
"Natural" (or Not) on FDA-Regulated Food Labels
"Natural" on USDA-Regulated Food Labels
"Natural" on Canadian Food Labels
At Your Service: Free Answers for Selected Questions

May 2008

Reader Q&A: Butter as an Ingredient
FDA Issues Guide for Food Labels
FDA Issues Labeling Guide for Restaurants
USDA Requests Comments on Child Nutrition Labels
At Your Service: Restaurant Nutrition Labeling

Apr 2008

Reader Q&A: Composite Ingredient Statements
No Halt in Food Labels Qualified Health Claims
Helpful Sources for Food Labels Rules
Food Consulting Company is Food Labels Expert at Conference
At Your Service: Any-Time Access to Food Labels Files

Mar 2008

Reader Q&A: Nut oils as allergens?
FDA Acts on Nutrition Labels Health Claim Abuse
FDA Regularly Updates Food Labels Claims
More Time to Influence Nutrition Labels Revision
At Your Service: Product Positioning with Label Claims

Feb 2008

Reader Q&A: Is a Release Agent an Ingredient?
Food Labels Qualified Health Claims in Question
"Natural" on Your Food Labels? Consider This
Help With FDA Regulations for Produce/Fish Labeling
At Your Service: Label Statements and Claims

Jan 2008

Reader Q&A: Nutrition Labels Rounding Rules
Food Labels Q&A Winning Topics Announced
What’s Up? Nutrition Quality Indexes/Systems
Public Speaks to FDA on Salt and Health
At Your Service: Use By / Best Before Date Labeling


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