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Food Label News has been published on the first Friday of each month since November 2000. Read all about it.

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Dec 2007

Reader Q&A: Nutrition Facts Color
FDA Takes Public Step to Revise Nutrition Labels
Proposed Rule to Prohibit Omega-3 Nutrient Content Claims
Food Labels Qualified Health Claims Update
At Your Service: Label Help for Reformulated Products

Nov 2007

Reader Q&A: Food Sample Packages
New! 24/7 Access to Food Labels Order Work
Congress Pushes Food Labels Trans Fat Revision
FDA Announces Public Meeting on Salt in Food
At Your Service: U.S. Importers - Food Additives

Oct 2007

Reader Q&A: FDA Label Approval
FDA Reminds on Food Labels Sugar Free Claim
About Food Labels Allergen Warning
Food Labels Health Claims & 2008 Appropriations
At Your Service: Plan Now for 2008

Sep 2007

Reader Q&A: Definition of "Trans Fat Free"
FDA Begins Public Look at Food Labels Symbols
Food Labels Health Claims Get Attention
FDA Guidance - Helpful for Food Labels Work
At Your Service: Calories on Menus/Menu Boards

Aug 2007

Reader Q&A: Trans Fat Labeling
New! eCheck Payments for Food Labels Clients
FDA - Food Labels Health Claims Study Results
FDA's Spot the Block Nutrition Labels Program
At Your Service: Free Food Labels Help

Jul 2007

Reader Q&A: Can I over-sticker?
CFSAN FY 2007 Priorities for Food Labels
Carb Claims on Food Labels Work Continues
More Detail on Food Labels Priorities
At Your Service: Shelf Life Evaluation

Jun 2007

Reader Q&A: What labeling service is needed?
Guidance - Foods with Uses Beyond Basic Nutrition
FDA Reports on Food Labels Collection of Information
Proposal Expands Allowed Non-Organic Ingredients
Service Tip: Reader Questions Answered, No Charge

May 2007

Reader Q&A: Label Statements for MyPyramid
Out-of-Compliance Food Labels - Who Cares
Certain Foods May Be Expelled From School
Proposed FDA Regulation - Irradiation on Food Labels
Service Tip: Label Claims Help

Apr 2007

Reader Q&A: Allergen Warning
FDA 2007 Plans for Food Labels
Nutrition Labels Expert Speaks to Restaurant Group
Trans Fat on Nutrition Labels Still Puzzles
Service Tip: Full Label Compliance

Mar 2007

Reader Q&A Spot: "Contains" Allergen Statement
FDA Reminds on Food Labels Claims
Food Labels Allergens Coconut Counts as Tree Nut
Amendment Will Expand of Soluble Fiber/CHD Claim
Service Tip: Product Development Help

Feb 2007

Reader Q&A Spot: Signature Line
Proposed Rule for Gluten-Free on Food Labels
Uniform Compliance Date for FDA Regulations Set
FDA Acts to Update Lean and Calcium Claims
Service Tip: Feel Confident with Final Label Review

Jan 2007

Reader Q&A Spot: USA and Canadian Labeling
Food Label News Announces Q&A Winners
NYC Requires Calories on Menus
"Functional Food" Labels Debated
Service Tip: Bosses Win with Ongoing Regulatory Support


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