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Food Label News has been published on the first Friday of each month since November 2000. Read all about it.

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Dec 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: Small Business Exemption
More Guidance for Allergens on Food Labels
FDA Guides Consumers on Nutrition Labels Calorie Info
FDA Regularly Updates Food Labels Claims
Service Tip: Key to a Happy New Year

Nov 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: MSG Ingredient Listing
FDA Opens Talk on "Functional Food" Labels
FDA / FTC Warns About Deceptive Internet Claims
Promoting Whole Grains on Food Labels
Service Tip: Leap Ahead with Regulatory Support

Oct 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: Yes, you can list Voluntary Vitamins/Minerals
Groundwork for Revised Nutrition Labels Values Complete
FDA's Food Labels Allergen Report Released
More on Nutrition Labels for Restaurants
Service Tip: Keep Your Products Fresh

Sep 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: Lab or Database Analysis
Helpful Sources for Food Labels Rules
Fruits, Vegetables, Fish - Voluntary Nutrition Labels
Food Labels Help for Export to EU
Service Tip: Voluntary "Best Before" or "Use By" Dates

Aug 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: Internet Sales & Nutrition Facts
Groups Press for FDA Action on Food Labels
Plan for 2007 Food Labels Priorities Underway
U.S. Food Labels, FDA and Codex Alimentarius
Service Tip: Shelf Life Evaluation

Jul 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: FDA's stand on GMO labeling
FDA Warns on Food Labels Additives/Claims
Physicians Urge Changes in Sodium Allowance
FDA Continues Obesity Working Group Plan
Service Tip: Restaurant Nutrition/Allergen Labeling

Jun 2006

Reader Q&A Spot: Finding info on U.P.C. barcodes
Natural On Food Labels Gets Attention
Incidental Additives as Allergens - FDA Guidance
CFSAN Priorities Announced - Includes Food Labels
Service Tip: Glycemic Testing & Labeling

May 2006

Food Label News Adds Reader Q&A
FDA's Food Labels Accomplishments Reported
More Guidance for Allergens on Food Labels
Service Tip: Make Legal Glycemic Label Claims

Apr 2006

Trans Fat on Nutrition Labels Can Be Tricky
Uniform Warning Standards on Food Labels Pending
FDA Published Guidance Documents List
Service Tip: Glycemic Testing & Labeling

Mar 2006

FDA on "Whole Grain" Statements on Food Labels
FDA Proposes Study on Trans Fat Claims/Footnotes
FDA Guidance Establishes Common Understanding
FYI: Work Smart - Consider A Regulatory Support Plan

Feb 2006

Non-Compliant Food Labels Subject To FDA Action
FDA Regulations - Color Additives on Food Labels
USDA Regulations for Healthy on Food Labels
FYI: Food Labels Claims - Meeting Transcript

Jan 2006

FDA Final Guidance - Extension to Use Existing Food Labels Stock
More on Food Labels Allergen Requirement
FDA Stand on Food Labels Claims for Whole Grains
FYI: Health Freedom Protection Act


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