NEW Rules
for Nutrition Facts

After more than two decades of the now-familiar Nutrition Facts label, FDA has finalized new rules which affect virtually every food label.

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What are the highlights of the new rules changes?

The new rules call for changes to the label format and appearance, changes to Daily Values for several key nutrients such as fat, carbohydrate, fiber and sodium, along with adjustments to serving sizes for many product categories to reflect typical consumption patterns. FDA now also requires declarations for Added Sugars, Vitamin D and Potassium as "mandatory" Nutrition Facts nutrients, while Vitamin A and Vitamin C become "voluntary" and Calories from Fat are eliminated.

When must I comply?

The earliest date for industry to begin using labels that comply with the new regulations is July 26, 2016. For companies with $10 million or more in annual food sales, 100% of inventory must comply with the new regulations within 2 years, by July 26, 2018. Companies with less than $10 million in annual food sales have an extra year to comply, with all inventory phased in by July 26, 2019. Despite these absolute compliance dates, industry may want to consider phasing in inventory sooner to ensure the most contemporary looking labels.

Where can I get the details of the new FDA rules?

Final Rule for Revision of the Nutrition Facts & Supplement Facts Labels (259 pages)

Final Rule for Serving Sizes and Dual Declaration Labeling Requirements (48 pages)

FDA's At-a-Glance Graphic for What's New (1 page)

What are the graphic requirements for the new Nutrition Facts label?
Here is a side-by-side comparison showing original rules vs. new 2016 rules:

Will these changes affect food labels in Canada and Mexico as well?
Each country will continue to be responsible for issuing and enforcing its own food label regulations. Health Canada has issued proposed changes to its Nutrition Facts Table and List of Ingredients. While there are several similarities between the Canadian proposal and the new rules in the U.S., there are also many differences, which reinforces the need for careful attention to understand the nuances. Food label regulations for Mexico were last modified in August 2014.

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