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"Americanizing" Foreign Packaging for the U.S. Market

The Client

A marketing/package designer working for a U.S. food importer needed to create labels for foreign foods that complied with FDA regulations so that they could be successfully marketed in the U.S.

The Challenge

The new confectionary products, imported from Europe, required specific nutrition/content labeling. In addition, their small package sizes required modified Nutrition Facts panels. Sorting through the many options for what is acceptable based on package dimensions is not only complicated, but creates risk regarding compliance with U.S. FDA regulations and potentially detention at U.S. Customs.

The Solution

Food Consulting Company provided a team of experts to help us "Americanize" the foreign labels. They performed nutrition analysis, included missing values on the Nutrition Facts for nutrients that European labels do not require, modified the Ingredient Statements, and created the Nutrition Facts artwork according to what is allowable for the specific package dimensions. Importantly, the team reviewed the ingredients to ensure no issues with food colors and other additives not allowed in the U.S. To complete the project, the team provided label layout instructions for the package designer and did the final label review prior to printing to ensure 100% compliance.

The Results

This food importer was able to launch their products on time and easily passed through Customs and FDA inspections at the border, setting the products up for success in the retail market. The Food Consulting team was involved at each step, performed their projects on time and with flawless accuracy.

"Entering the fast, confusing retail food market is a dark and scary experience, but rest assured that the experts at Food Consulting Company can help guide you every step of the way. I cannot imagine going to market without the Food Consulting group on your team."

      Daniel R. Hughes, President, OPTIMideas
     Marketing Services Firm for International Food Importer


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